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Experience since 1900

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93% recommends Verkroost

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Supermove Verkroost is the moving company that has been specializing in private transport since 1900. Moving is not just lifting goods to another place, no it's workmanship.

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Verkroost is the best party for your home move. At Verkroost we specialize in moving your private property.

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Verkroost is convinced that they can offer you the perfect combination of rate and quality with the so-called budget rate.

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Verkroost takes care of all logistics issues around your office, so you can keep going as stressless as possible.

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Verkroost is the best party for your home move. At Verkroost we specialize in moving your private property.

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Supermove Verkroost is a leading player in the field of national removals, international removals, housing and archive storage and facility services.

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Packing material

If you choose to pack the boxes by yourself, we will deliver the boxes, wrapping paper and stickers at your place. You can make an appointment for this.

Piano removal

Verroost Verhuizingen specializes in moving Piano and Wings. The specially made wing sled and the piano tracks are suitable for all sizes and types.


Move carefree and not be in the mess for 3 weeks? No problem! The movers take care of your entire inventory and ensure that they are safely transferred your inventory to your new home.


Do you not have the material to remove the lamps, curtains or TV from the wall or aren't you handy enough? Verkroost has a range of handyman experts who do not scare a curtain pick up and hang it up in your new home. 

Moving lift

Your apartment on the 3rd floor or do you not have a built-in elevator? Are your furniture too big for the trampat and do not they fit the door? Dredged removals have their own moving lifts that can be used for all heights.


In order to transfer your inventory undamaged to your new address, we will pack all your loading furniture. For this we use thick moving blanket, folding foil, mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, PC boxes, cutting cardboard and sealing foil.

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Bedankt voor uw aanvraag, wij nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u op!
Oops! Er is iets fout gegaan..

Experience since 1900


Professional Team

Quality movers

Moving with verkroost

Supermove Verkroost removals is a moving company operating as moving company Alphen aan den Rijn, moving company Leiden, moving company Leiderdorp, moving company Gouda, moving company Amstelveen, moving company Hoofddorp, moving company Woerden, and moving company Zoetermeer. Moving is not just shifting stuff from one place to another. No, it's a professional job. Supermove Verkroost removals meets this expertise like no other. Supermove Verkroost removals has been moving furniture and commercial properties across the whole world  since 1900 . The combination of experience and expertise guarantees a care-free removal.

Our power is being able to give the customers of ‘Super movers’ Verkroost a personal and pleasant experience with a quality service.

Why move with Supermove Verkroost?

Quality: Supermove is a well-established mover. Renowned moving firms offer you the quality you expect from a moving firm. Movers at Supermove are certified and work according to working standards. Every removal is moved with the best moving equipment. Mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, seal, moving blankets and piano covers are all examples of the special covers used at Supermove Verkroost. You can expect us to protect your valuable possessions with the greatest care.

Security/Guarantee: Removals at Supermove include insurance with a special moving certificate. With this certificate, your belongings are covered up to €100.000.  So, if something happens whilst moving, this will be professionally taken care of.

Safety/Environment: For safety and recognition reasons, all movers wear special removing uniforms and shoes. In addition, the entire vehicle and all the moving equipment are up to date and eco-friendly.

Experience: The father of the father of the father of director Bas Verkroost is the founder of this company. Today, the fifth generation is active in this family business. Verkroost removals has been there since 1900.

Renowned moving firm

As Renowned Moving Firm, all our workers are qualified to give you a professional moving experience. You are guaranteed a care-free removal. The quality mark Renowned Moving Firm guarantees 3 things: a general moving insurancemoving warranty (if the moving firm at that moment is declared bankrupt, another moving company will immediately take over) and a payment guarantee.

Moving service

Moving firm Supermove Verkroost is a moving company that offers more than just moving service. At Supermove Verkroost you can also hire ten moving boxes and an all-inclusive national or international moving. Not only within Europe but across the whole world. You can hire moving vehicles with or without movers for a competitive price. Moving with movers? Supermove Verkroost moving company can wrap, disassemble, clean, wash, and transport. Temporary storage is also possible. Everything you need to move without worries.

Private moving

Supermove Verkroost removals is specialized in moving private properties. The combination of experience and expertise leads to a smooth moving process. The moment you choose Supermove Verkroost is the moment you choose a care-free removal.

Business moving

Every business move is unique, whether it's a small record or an entire office or an entire high school . Every removal needs a different approach and Supermove has the essential experience and expertise to move business properties with ease. Preparation is crucial to achieve a successful business removal. That's why Supermove always assigns a project leader to prepare the business removal.

The main purpose of the company whilst moving is to avoid loss as much as possible. Supermove always considers the work activities of the company that is being moved. No business removal is ever too difficult or too big for Supermove. However, no business removal is ever too small based on the personal approach.

Supermove offers the following services: Office removals, factory removals, nursing removal, warehouse removal, library removal, project removal, museum removal, ICT removal, lab removal, and hospital removal.

The cost of a moving process is indeed something you might question big time. Supermove has an answer to ”Rates” of Supermove. There is a big difference in quality within a moving industry. Supermove offers the perfect combination of cost and quality put into the rate of Supermove.

The entire process is based on hourly rates. You hire a moving staff with vehicles and movers, including moving gear (boxes not included).

It is understandable that you expect the quality to be low if the prices are low too but this is not the case within this company. Supermove is a Renowned mover and is therefore obliged to meet the expectations of the hallmark Renowned mover. Every mover is qualified and possesses the necessary experience and knowledge of a professional mover. Besides the quality of the movers, the vehicles also meet the eco-standards. Supermove also uses the best equipment for the processes. The basic equipment is included in the price, including moving blankets, boxes, etc. Imagine a quality service at a low price. Choosing this rate is choosing for cheap removals

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John Deby
"Great process end to end. Lots of care and help"
Eshter de Jong
"This was my second experience using Verkroost and both were phenomenal! The gentlemen were friendly, professional, and fast. They work they're tail off. The price is also honest and fair."

Quality movers verkroost

Cheapest way to move. Because of the hourly rate, you only pay for what is actually being used. This means you don't pay a fixed price like in an offer. An offer consists of selling expenses and errors. This is not the case with hourly rates and that's why it is cheap.

Supermove is a Renowned moving firm.

Don't spend time visiting checking out assessments, immediately order your move.

Quick planning, you can move within a week

Your move can get cheaper with the help of family and friends. The more help you get, the less hours these movers have to work, the less costs for moving.

Possibility for insurance.

You only pay after the process has finished.

International moving

Moving internationally takes a lot of preparation, knowledge, experience, and attention. Supermove is specialized in moving internationally. Every country asks for different papers and approaches. Supermove has gained lots of experience throughout the years of moving internationally. Whether it's an entire property or a few big belongings, Supermove is the firm for a smooth international move. 

Supermove has its own storage containers and a secure storage warehouse wherein climate-control is being taken care of. Piano, corner seat, sideboards, or coffee tables, all your possessions are stored in a dry room. The temporary storage of your furniture can come in handy when you are temporarily living somewhere where your stuff don't fit. This temporary storage is not expensive either. Supermove offers reasonable prices.

Types of storage at Supermove: Furniture, long term storage, short term, storage, self storage, and archive storage

Goedkoop verhuizen

Als u nog aan het twijfelen bent hoe u uw verhuizing wilt uitvoeren, dan is de prijs daarin uiteraard een groot aspect. Supermove heeft het antwoord op deze vraag, het ”Budgettarief” van Supermove.  Er is veel verschil in kwaliteit binnen de verhuisbranche. Supermove is ervan overtuigd dat zij u de perfecte combinatie van tarief en kwaliteit kunnen aanbieden met het zogeheten budgettarief van Supermove.

De gehele verhuizing wordt op basis van een uurtarief uitgevoerd. U huurt een verhuisploeg in die bestaat uit een vrachtwagen en verhuizers, bij deze verhuisploeg zijn verhuismaterialen inbegrepen(excl. verhuisdozen).

Het is begrijpelijk dat u verwacht dat wanneer het tarief laag is ook de kwaliteit naar beneden gaat, maar dat is hier echter totaal niet het geval. Supermove is een Erkend verhuizer en is verplicht om  te voldoen aan de hoge eisen die gesteld worden aan het keurmerk Erkend verhuizer. Iedere verhuizer is gediplomeerd en heeft de ervaring en kennis van een echte professionele verhuizer. Naast de kwaliteit van de verhuizers voldoet het volledige wagenpark aan de hoogste milieu normen, en werkt Supermove met het beste verhuismateriaal. De standaard verhuismaterialen  zijn bij de prijs inbegrepen, denk hierbij aan verhuisdekens, hondjes, stuwdozen enzovoort. Stelt u zich eens voor dat u de beste kwaliteit krijgt tegen het laagste tarief in de markt. Kiezen voor dit budgettarief is kiezen voor goedkoop verhuizen

Voordelen goedkoop verhuizen

Goedkoopste manier van verhuizen.

Door het uurtarief betaalt u alleen voor het gene wat daadwerkelijk word gebruikt. Hiermee wordt bedoelt dat u niet 1 vast tarief betaalt zoals bij een offerte, in een offerte zitten verkoopkosten en foutmarges berekend. Bij dit uurtarief niet waardoor u altijd goedkoper verhuist.

-Supermove is een Erkend verhuisbedrijf.

- Geen tijd kwijt aan taxatiebezoeken, u kunt direct de verhuizing bestellen.

- Het plannings traject gaat veel sneller, u kunt namelijk al binnen een week verhuizen

- Door hulp van familie of vrienden wordt u verhuizing goedkoper. Hoe meer hulp hoe minder uren uur de verhuizers hoeft in te huren hoe goedkoper de verhuizing.

- Mogelijkheid tot het verzekeren van de verhuizing.

- U betaalt pas achteraf op de verhuisdag zelf.

Internationaal verhuizen

Uw inboedel verhuizen naar het buitenland vergt veel voorbereiding, kennis, ervaring en aandacht. Supermove is gespecialiseerd in het verhuizen naar het buitenland. Ieder land vraagt om een andere informatiestroom en een andere aanpak, Supermove Verkroost heeft door de jaren lange ervaring met verhuizen naar het buitenland voor ieder land de juiste kennis en aanpak. Een volledige inboedel of alleen een aantal grote stukken Supermove is het bedrijf dat de perfecte buitenland verhuizing aanbiedt.

Continenten waar Supermove u graag naar toe verhuist: Europa, Azië, Amerika, Australië, Afrika en Zuid-Amerika


Supermove beschikt over eigen opslagcontainers en een veilige opslagloods. In onze opslagloods is een goede klimaatregeling aanwezig. Piano, hoekbank, buffetkast of salontafel al uw spullen staan dus netjes droog in de opslagloods van Supermove. De tijdelijke opslag van uw meubilair is vaak erg handig als u tijdens uw verhuizing tijdelijk even een ander onderkomen heeft waar uw eigen inboedel niet in past. Het tijdelijk opslaan van uw inboedel hoeft ook helemaal niet duur te zijn. Supermove hanteert zeer voordelige tarieven.

Soorten opslag dat Supermove aanbiedt: Inboedelopslag, lang durige opslag, korte opslagSelfstorage en archiefopslag


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