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Moving rate

Cheap moving? With this special budget rate of Supermove, you get the possibility to move cheap.

Procedure budget rate

If you plan to move, then you should hire a moving vehicle and maybe include movers to combine the benefits of  self-move  with moving service. You hire the movers on hourly rates so you only pay for the actual active hours without error or selling expenses like they use in quotes. The hourly rate starts at the moment the movers arrive at location and stops when the staff is finished unloading at the destination. Supermove charges a fixed price for the driving time.

Quality of cheap moving

It is understandable that you expect the quality to be low if the prices are low too but this is not the case within this company. Supermove is a Renowned mover and is therefore obliged to meet the expectations of the hallmark Renowned mover. Every mover is qualified and possesses the necessary experience and knowledge of a professional mover. Besides the quality of the movers, the

vehicles also meet the eco-standards. Supermove also uses the best equipment for the processes. The basic equipment is included in the price, including moving blankets, boxes, etc. Imagine a quality service at a low price. Choosing this rate is choosing for cheap moving


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Moving possibilities

Supermove offers more than what is included in this budget. The tasks within the process of moving are all well-done by the staff of Supermove, think, Disassembling/assembling furniture, Wrap service, Handyman, Piano/forte removal , and Home service

Imagine receiving the best quality service for a low price. Choosing this rate is choosing for cheap moving

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