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An office removal is usually a very stressful occasion. You are too busy with managing the company and guaranteeing the continuity of the clients and workers. Here is when Supermove steps in and takes care of all logistics issues within  office removal . This way you are freed from the stress you are in and now you can do what you do best: run a business!

An office removal requires good preparation

To successfully  do an office removal , you are going to need a good preparation. We discuss all aspects regarding  office removal  on location until we can make a clear mapping.

Will you pack everything yourself or do you leave the job to us? Do you have a plan of the new location to make it easier for us to place the furniture? All details we thoroughly discuss to successfully  move an office  in a well-structured, smooth way!

An office removal with an extra touch by Supermove

Supermove is flexible during office removals. Do you need temporary storage? No problem! We will take care of that. Do you have old furniture? We will handle the disposal and take care of your old inventory. Does your old or new property need cleaning? We also do that for you. That's the extra touch of Supermove!


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Office removals since 1900

Supermove is proud of the history of the company, the father of the father of the father of director Bas Verkroost was an expert in the  office removal field. Moving office inventories has been practiced since since 1900 , so we can safely say that it is a task of expertise.

Interested in office removal?

Supermove assures a smooth  office removal . Clear agreements, a great prep and a bit of extra service make sure that the continuity of the business keeps rolling. For more information and a non-binding quotation,  contact us via 071 – 5 414 414, via email (info@supermove.nl) or you can fill in our contact form Our professional workers will contact you as soon as possible.