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Moving outside the country

Moving internationally takes a lot of preparation, knowledge, experience, and attention. Supermove is specialized in moving internationally. Every country asks for different papers and approaches. Supermove has gained lots of experience throughout the years of moving internationally.

Whether it's an entire property or a few large items, Supermove is the company for a smooth international move.

Quality moving outside the country

Supermove Verkroost removals is a renowned company. This means you get expertise and quality. Your possessions will be packed with care, ready to move internationally. In case of a move per boat, all possessions will be wrapped thoroughly, including chairs, sofas, boards, and boxes. The wrapping materials are cardboard, wood, and plastic. If the move is through the highways, they will us moving blankets. Supermove has the best international movers whom wrap with the best wrapping materials.

International moving network

Supermove is associated with the best international movers of Europe. Many years of networking inside the international working companies in all countries have led to Supermove's best price-quality rate. Thanks to this kind of networking, moving from Netherlands to Germany is the same as moving from Netherlands to Nigeria.


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Since 1900

Supermove is proud of the history of the company, the father of the father of the father of director Bas Verkroost had already moved internationally. This has been a practice since 1900 ,so it is safe to say that Supermove is experienced on this level.

Interested in moving outside the country?

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